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I work with teens and their parents to help them overcome anxiety, trauma, substance abuse or life challenges. I also work with people in their 20’s & 30’s who have come to a crossroads with a relationship, career, or finding passion and purpose in their lives.

Teens & Their Families

Life as a teen has changed a lot in the past decade! Under constant pressure to perform well in school & sports, under constant scrutiny from friends and acquaintances in social circles, and now under the social media spotlight 7/24 – it’s no wonder teens are struggling to remain in control of their emotions and their life.

Perhaps your teen is reaching out for help in ways you don’t understand. If your teen is changing, becoming distant, shutting you out, showing signs of anxiety and depression, or engaging in dangerous activities like cutting or alcohol & drug use, please don’t wait – call me today; these are all cries for help and your teen is desperately looking for relief. Therapy works. I can help your teen be happy, healthy, successful, and safe and can help repair damaged relationships and communications within the family.

Individual Therapy for Young Adults

Many people in their 20’s and 30’s question whether they have made the right career choice, are in the right relationship, or a heading in the right direction. Sometimes you can’t get past a major change or loss and get on with life. And sometimes, the problem is a little more ambiguous; life doesn’t feel as colorful, rewarding, or as enjoyable as it used to.

Individual therapy is a great tool to help get you unstuck and back on track.   Therapy is your chance to explore and learn to deal with thoughts, emotions, and challenges you are facing in a non-judgmental, practical way. The goal is to teach you effective ways to navigate life’s challenges.

Family Therapy

Many issues can affect the family as a whole – dealing with the death of a loved one, an immediate family member struggling with an addiction or mental health diagnosis, a disruptive teen, or an adult child who has returned to live at home.

Family therapy is a safe space for families to come together to learn how to reduce distress and conflict by improving communication and building empathy and understanding between family members.

Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a wonderful supplement to individual therapy or a great way to transition out of individual therapy. Being with peers who share your experiences, witness your pain, and lend support, is powerful and transformative. I see teens and adults overcome obstacles that feel like too much to tackle alone.

We have a wonderfully bonded and loving teen group that meets every Thursday from 5:30-7pm in Palos Verdes. Support with depression, anxiety, social isolation, trouble with friendships, risky behavior, parental conflict, and general navigating teen life.

Call to see if this group is a good fit for your son or daughter.  424-265-8001

I run a teen group in the South Bay.

Teen Group
(Ages 14-18)

Co-ed peer support group led by a therapist for teens struggling with friends, depression, anxiety, family conflict, school, and most other teen issues that arise during the high school years.

Come check out a group with a free Guest Pass! We would love to have you join us.

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